The Southwest film has proudly been shooting our motion sequences in the film on Red Digital Cinema’s Epic camera, first in 5k and later upgraded to 6k. The camera’s unmatched abilities have allowed us to bring back IMAX quality imagery in a camera that literally fits in the palm of your hand. Red has recently announced the new Helium sensored Red Weapon camera which is a more light sensitive sensor that can shoot up to 8k resolution, which is 16 times the resolution of HD!!

Why 8k?

Shooting in such high resolutions allows for a much cleaner final image when its showcased in theaters and at home in 4k. The larger resolution also allows for stabilization and reframing of footage without a loss in quality. 8k will also help translate to a better image for the giant screen environment like Dolby Vision and IMAX. You can see from the chart below just how much larger the 8k image is.



Michael Bay has started shooting in 8k on his custom Helium Weapon camera for the upcoming Transformers film.