The Southwest is a non-narrative documentary film that explores the various social, cultural, scenic and historical themes of what makes the American Southwest region so unique. This visual journey into what makes the Southwest region so unique is not supported by words or dialogue. The power of the film comes from the rich imagery and moving musical score. This allows the viewer to take on their own interpretations without the film pursing any position. The aim of the film is to cinematically expose the audience to the connection between these systems in the southwest, in a visually exciting way. The Southwest reframes our society’s beliefs and values, and offers introspection into our lives. It brings up subjects in the forefront of our minds as well as those we have pushed aside and forgotten. Some of the most powerful sequences come from the imagery that challenges these systems: homeless sleeping in the streets surrounded by wealth, oil drilling sites devoid of nature and walls dividing people. The imagery can also be powerful when it exposes the audience to new ways of looking at a scene they are use to seeing in the media everyday. For example viewing the milky way move across 10,000 year old trees or the city coming alive in a time-lapse sequence. Thru breathtaking imagery and a moving musical score, the film can have a great impact on the audience, thereby causing them to challenge their preconceived ideas and stereotypes.

Technical Details


“The Southwest” will be available to see in cinemas and VOD around the world in 4K and 4K HDR(High Dynamic Range).

Capture Format

The Southwest utilizes cutting edge technology to push the boundaries of cinematography. By using revolutionary techniques in time lapse, high speed, & aerial photography to manipulate the perception of time allows the audience a way of seeing that what is hidden in plain sight.  The Southwest utilizes the latest state of the art camera systems to capture images capable of shooting in 8k, which is over 16 times the resolution of HD, This allows the audience to feel as though they are in the scenes themselves.